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    Né à San Francisco, [Freespace] Paris est un espace qui favorise la création, l'innovation et le social.

Jaïs Elalouf

Comment l'art psychédélique peut-il nous révéler?
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    "Elle tente de communiquer [l'art psychédélique] d'une manière consciente son moi profond et sentiment assez détaché de l'ego"

    "Finalement, c'est un art populaire, tout le monde peut en faire, c'est pas vraiment un art, plutôt une esthétique qui est complètement transversale."


Jaïs Elalouf

What is psychedelic art?
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    Coming from the word “psychedelos” which means open the spirit, the psychedelic art is the expression of the inner world or spirit.

    ///The psychedelic art is any art triggered by the manifestation of the inner world. Thus, it may come in various forms, such as tribal arte, arte brute or raw art, kinetic art with optic illusions, art nouveau or surrealism with Salvadore Dali and Klimt as key artists. The climax of the psychedelic art was in the ‘60s, arguing for an open mind and consciousness for global solutions in the society. Its boundaries and origins are hard to identify since it is present in a large spectrum of areas, namely in literature, cinema, comics, music, fashion, advertising etc.Nowadays, the psychedelic art could be expressed in the numeric art, street art or architecture.

    "Don’t complain, paint yourself"

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