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    Tunisian, President of MED Confederation, former Minister of Finance, and a renowned composer of classical music.

Jalloul Ayed

How Can Knowledge Be Power?
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    “I think the most important way to acquire knowledge is through reading. Do we read in Tunisia? 85% of Tunisians have never bought books. And those who read books, read 3 minutes per year on average. Do you think that a country can truly reach its full potential if its own citizens don’t invest themselves in their cultural emancipation and intellectual development? Reading is important and reading is fun.”

    “Every book is a way for me to get advice, to learn more. Every book will help me chose my way.”

    “I knew when I was 5 years old what gift God gave me – the gift of music. Little did I know then that the passion I had for music will allow me to compose symphonies which would be played in the most prestigious cultural centers in the world.”

    “When I composed my largest symphony, Hannibal, it took me three and a half years. At the time I was a CEO of one of the largest institutions in Morocco with 15,000 employees. How come you have such a big responsibility and find time to compose classical music, people asked me. I’ll tell you, I would sneak out of bed at two and a half in the morning, compose for two or three hours, go back to bed, take a nap and manage to be at work among the first people – That’s passion, it doesn’t come easy. You have to work hard but the results are really fulfilling.”

    “If you have knowledge, you have the force to make choices.”

    “We need to have a culture of innovation. Just like knowledge, passion and skills will help individuals reach their full potential, investing in innovation and value creation will help any country ensure better future for the generations to come.”


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