Jeremy Ximenez

Why you should, and how you could, travel off the beaten path?
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    There are three questions to consider before trying to travel off the beaten path : where, how and when. But why this way of travelling is interesting and important? That is what Jeremy Ximenez explains.It is often said that travel broads the mind, and it has been proved. But is traveling in crowded places really interesting for people who want to discover new things? For Jeremy Ximenez, it is not. If you want to get better travel experiences you should try to travel differently. Choose the right time for it and start the adventure!

    "My friends often ask me what are my favorite places, and I tell them that the most memorable experience are those places most of the others avoid."

    "People in defector states are often particularly hospitable, eager and proud to welcome you to their homeland few others visit."

    "If there is a place safe to go and no one is going there, you should go now. Because just because the place is safe now, there is no guarantee that it will be later on."

    "It is worthwhile to inquire about travel and sharing your background, because depending on where you are you might experience prejudice."