Jimena Tejada

#LeadersForChange - The Story Behind The New Slogan
  • It is easy for a successful organization to become static in what it does when it is good at it, but it takes a lot of gutsiness to redirect where the organization is going and reevaluate its vision. On my second day in, as a brand new volunteer to WikiStage, this is exactly what happened.


    Founder and President Johannes Bittel told the team that WikiStage needed to really focus instead of trying to broadly cover all the most important questions of our time, or as the current slogan expresses, to #ShareWhatMatters. While having highlighted extremely interesting people and topics, such as the biological challenges of going to space or how to fully integrate transgender people into a community, WikiStage needed a more specific slogan to stay focused.


    Out of this discussion, Johannes came up with the idea to specifically focus on leadership, “We are focusing on leaders, and leaders can be all kinds of people, not just celebrities. Leaders inspire by what they do, by their presence, and by their passion and involvement.” While keeping the same video debate format WikiStage hopes to make the idea of leadership a more inclusive one to show the world that there is not just one type of leader who can inspire change.


    To match this new direction, WikiStage is now adopting the new slogan: #LeadersForChange. This slogan specifies the type of leadership WikiStage wants to focus on - the positive type. And what does positive leadership mean to Johannes? “There is this very inspiring quote from this German rock band that I really like ‘It is not your fault that the world is as it is, but it would be your fault if it stays that way.’ Yes, it is not our fault that we live in a world that has nuclear weapons, it is not the young people’s fault or my fault that people have been discriminated in the past; but if I do not act and do something and change something and I leave this world at the end of my life without having brought any positive change then it is partly my responsibility that the world is as I have left it.”


    With this in mind, WikiStage will focus on all types of leaders who are bringing about positive change in their communities and beyond, to highlight positive role models in a time when it is so easy to focus on all of the negative that is happening. It is still the same organization that provides a space for free speech to help people connect and share their ideas and knowledge, the same organization which has helped people access information through open debate, and the same organization which hopes to make the world a better place.


    Join us and become one of the world’s #LeadersForChange !


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