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    Director of the UMR Epigenetics and Cell Fate in Paris, France

Celebrate Curiosity
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    More than 16 experts and artist perform for 6 or 12 minutes to celebrate the theme of Curiosity.

Share What Matters
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    This event brought together 10 speakers who talked about different issues, from gender equality to smart computers. Watch these WikiTalks and get inspired!

Jonathan Weitzman

Who am I (genetically)?
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    What defines genetical differences? That is what Jonathan Weitzmann wants to answer when talking about genetics, epigenetics, genotypes and DNA.///All started with a monk from the east of Austria and the peas from his garden... Gregor Mendel is the father of genetics, Conrad Waddington is the father of epigenetics. Chromosomes define who we are, but what are people so different, genetically speaking? And why do twins, who shares the same genomes, are different too? So let's follow Alice to find out what that means...

    "Curioser and curioser..."

    "Look at the persons next to you. Look how different and similar they are to you. How many letters do you think you have in common with them? Up to 3 billion."

    "As teachers what we do is push students to the top of the mountain and so they can become anything, based on who they are and how they interact with their environment."


Jonathan Weitzman

How will we use stem cells to treat degenerative diseases in the future?
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    Jonathan Weitzman is the Director of the UMR Epigenetics and Cell Fate in Paris, France


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