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Lotfi Saibi

What Is The Learning Organisation?
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    “The kind of learning that is required from us today as members of society and engineers is far more complicated and demanding than it was during the first industrial revolution. Today it carries a more human side – engineers have to think about the human aspect and not just technology. The kind of learning I want to talk to you about is human engineering.”

    “Probably in your first or second year as math students, you learned you should break things apart. You should simplify things and rebuild things from the least common denominator. If you have a big problem, break it into smaller pieces so that you can manage a better solution. But then you graduate and you get into real life. Now you are part of an organization, a community, which might be your school, your neighborhood or your country. Then you are told it is not about you alone, it is about your community. You used to learn it is about smaller parts and you get into a part of your life when you see that it is about the whole. “

    “You are not just engineering your life; you are engineering the lives of those around you. “

    “What is a vision? We always say a country needs a vision, a company needs a vision. And we always say we don’t have leadership, we don’t have good leaders. Perhaps the problem isn’t that we don’t have good leaders, the problem is that the vision is not a communal vision. We are always said that we need to be the best in order to succeed. The steps we are required to make to be better than others force us to think about ourselves first; contradicting what is required from us to succeed in life. And then we wonder why we don’t have leaders who can provide a vision. “

    “When you learn how to learn, we all become the learning organization. “

    “If I get better alone and I look behind me, there is no one that can benefit from my getting together. I create an intellectual gap.”

    “You are the first generation that is being told that the school is not enough. “

    “We are the generation that was told, get up to the top, be the best and then send the elevator down so that the next person in line can take it. We don’t want the elevator that goes up and down anymore, we want elevators that go horizontally. The best thing you can do is share your knowledge.“

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