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    Marc Fournier is the co-founder of La Paillasse.

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    With the theme "Biohacking", WikiStage La Paillasse 1 event took place in Paris in March 2016.

Marc Fournier

Quel est le lien entre la bioproduction et l'autonomie?
  • Description

    "These are things going on for some years now, is to arrive on other disciplines that are inspired by these materials derived from living."

    "We also discover today uses in the field of living for electronics, based on biodegradable circuit, we seem to find in phones that maybe tomorrow will become completely biodegradable." "[.. .] The tools for producing these materials are inaccessible, expensive and very complicated to reuse. Here [...] we want to allow people to get back in ability to produce themselves their own materials, and reusing and to remake themselves the tools that produce these materials. "

    "The challenge for us is really to put the citizen at the heart of this creation process, allowing document with an open search process and collaborative creation of these tools but also their use."

    "We think that in the coming years there is a huge issue on micro-factories recreation, prototyping and manufacturing of these materials, for which we invite everyone to re-enter these issues there, rethink that can be self-wide territory, and start offering alternative plants models to address issues of living and make something together. "

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