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    Cofondateur de la communauté Humans of Paris

Innovation 2.0
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    Pantheon-Sorbonne University, also known as Paris 1, is a public research university in Paris, France.

Marco Hazan

Peut-on allier technologies et relations humaines?
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    "It is customary in modern society to say that if the speech is silver, silence is golden ... So I'll probably surprise you by saying that if the silence is money is the word that is gold. (...) Humans of Paris is a project to discover the city of Paris through portraits of individuals who walk in the city and their stories. So just to have these portraits, I have to go make the move to go talk with strangers, chat with people I do not know, who do not know me, and finally get them out of their natural reserves to delve into their daily lives. and c is an experience that marked me. (...) I came to realize that the dialogues were an asset. It was a richness because eventually when much dialogue. And we learn I will make you share a story that really marked me last year ... While I was walking in front of the Louvre pyramid, I saw a couple in which the man was a spastic. I headed towards them, have presented their project Humans of Paris and asked them how did you meet? The woman told me that thanks to a dog. A dog whose mission is precisely to help the physically disabled. He was walking with the dog in the street, when he headed man, it naturally followed, discussed, interacted with this person ... A year later, I met them together in front of the Louvre Pyramid . (...) So many people say that technology distances us .. Finally, it can bring us together. It is for us to meet the challenge. Thank you."


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