• Biography

    I am Maxime. I am currently enrolled in my 3rd year of the Grande École Programme of our school which lasts 5 years. I have been involved in student organization since my arrival in September 2017, and I am now President of La Capsule IÉSEG. It is the organization that will host our WikiStage event and that we rebuilt during Summer.I am someone very organized, analytical and rational. Nevertheless, I love to be inspired and have my mind blown. I have very good problem-solving skills in which my creativity can flourish.Thanks to my commitments I already had the opportunity to organize several conferences including a TEDx. My goal for our organization is to organize more conferences while keeping quality at the highest level to provide students with new resources, different from our courses.I am someone very curious and who likes to learn new things. I read a lot and all kinds of books, both in French and English, mainly fictions, novels and management. I am also very interested in history, geographic and geopolitics, with a genuine interest in ancient greece and world war II.I am a traveller who looks forward to discover new countries, learn new cultures and languages. I currently speak French (native), English (Bilingual) and German (Fluent), and I had the opportunity be in a “European Class” in Lycée which means that I had history courses about Germany taught in German.

  • Description

    We are IÉSEG School of Management student organization. We have 3 goals: share inspiring ideas, give access to culture, help for the personal development.


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