Le Pouvoir du Temps
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    The Anticafé Session was the very first WikIStage Session, coordinated by the president of WikiStage, Johannes Bittel. It gathered 80 people around the theme of "time".

Michael Rickwood

How to answer a big question in a short talk?
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    Michael Rickwood shows few simple steps so as to make a short speech powerful.

    There’s time and effort needed to make a long speech short and a short speech great. To illustrate this, Michael Rickwood takes us through different steps so as to polish our talks in a way to engage our audience. First, come with a purpose for your talk, a clearly defined question that you aim to answer with your talk. Then the following principles of ‘hours, minutes and seconds’ will help you to master the art of a great WikiTalk. The hours represent the time spent on preparing your speech, from the initial brainstorming of ideas, to coming up with answers to your big questions ending up with a clear structure to facilitate communication with the audience. The minutes is the time of rehearsal which would make you ready for the speech without the need of using notes or reading out from a paper. Then, there are the seconds, the moment of truth on the stage when your speech shouldn't feel like a performance but rather a conversation with your audience.If you can combine all of these in your speech, the success is guaranteed.

    “Judge a man by his questions, not by his answers” Voltaire

    "It's gotta feel like a story, and not like a lecture. Now story, by definition, is a journey full of twists and turns written with character and conflict."

    “A great talk is dynamite”




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