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    Auteur entrepreneur "Changer le monde en 2 heures"

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    Fourth WikiStage event done in partnership with ESCP was organized in March 2015 in Paris, with a simple, yet striking theme "Learn".

Innovation 2.0
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    Pantheon-Sorbonne University, also known as Paris 1, is a public research university in Paris, France.

Pierre Chevelle

Le micro-engagement, c'est quoi?
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    "Pour moi, changer le monde ça veut dire contribuer à résoudre un problème de la société: le cancer, le racisme, le réchauffement climatique - c'est s'engager en tant que citoyen"

    "Un micro-engagement c'est un moyen concret d'avoir un impact rapidement et facilement"

    "J'ai décidé de créer un guide. Ça s'appelle: 'Changer le monde en deux heures'. Pour tous ceux qui ont envie de changer du monde mais qui savent ou commencer, pour vous montrer comment vous, vous pouvez franchir un premier dans l'engagement citoyen, commencer d'avoir un impact positif un tant que consommateur, en tant qu'internaute mais aussi en tant que bénévole, en tant que parents ou citoyen - il y a plein de moyens d'agir aujourd'hui à son échelle"


Pierre Chevelle

Comment changer le monde en 2 heures?
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    "I wanted something, I wanted to help others, to get involved, but in what and how, I had no idea."

    "So to help as many people to get involved, I decided to write a guide, it's called" Changing the world in 2 hours. "This is a guide for anyone who wants to change the world but who do not know where to begin. The idea is to show you micro-commitments, means to have a positive impact quickly by contributing to projects of general interest. The logic behind this is say: what if the easiest way to change the world was to help those who already do? "

    "I do not feel that the challenge today is so much on innovation and entrepreneurs. It's a bit provocative, and yet of course there needs innovation , today for most societal problems [...] there are people who have found solutions that's just we do not know the the challenge today is that these.. solutions are adopted massively. So the challenge is on civil society, it is about all of us, it is about you and it's on me. [...] They need a lot of people who support these projects . "



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