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    Founder and Managing Partner at DeciderAgir

What's Next?
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    The fifth edition of our event at the ESCP - the first business school in Europe - happened in 2015 with the theme "What's next?". 

Stephane Loiret

Comment ré-enchanter notre relation au travail?
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    "Quand on fait confiance aux gens et quand on leur demande 'Qu'est-ce que vous inspire à faire ce projet?', on obtient des résultats bien différents"

    "En mettant des plus en plus de choses dans mon agenda 'à faire', j'ai moins de vie dans les choses 'à faire"


Stephane Loiret

How to shift economies of transactions to relationships?
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    "Do you have any idea how sexy can be the life of a CFO in a big company?"

    "Small is big now."

    "You don't need a leadership of followers. You need a leadership of leaders that lead others."

    "Connect before correct. And share. Don't let the ideas kept inside yourself. Once you share then you get the power"



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