Jeremy Ximenez

Why you should, and how you could travel off the beaten path?
WikiStage Stanford
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    There are three questions to consider before trying to travel off the beaten path: where, how, and when. But why this way of traveling is interesting and important? That is what Jeremy Ximenez explains. It is often said that traveling broads the mind, and it has been proved. But is traveling in crowded places really interesting for people who want to discover new things?

Engineer your Life
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    Success has no secret recipe, one man's magic is another man's engineering. Think, create, and improve: Engineer your life!

Jaïs Elalouf

What is psychedelic art?
WikiStage Freespace Paris 2
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    Coming from the word “psychedelos” which means open the spirit, the psychedelic art is the expression of the inner world or spirit.

    ///The psychedelic art is any art triggered by the manifestation of the inner world. Thus, it may come in various forms, such as tribal arte, arte brute or raw art, kinetic art with optic illusions, art nouveau or surrealism with Salvadore Dali and Klimt as key artists. The climax of the psychedelic art was in the ‘60s, arguing for an open mind and consciousness for global solutions in the society. Its boundaries and origins are hard to identify since it is present in a large spectrum of areas, namely in literature, cinema, comics, music, fashion, advertising etc.Nowadays, the psychedelic art could be expressed in the numeric art, street art or architecture.

    "Don’t complain, paint yourself"

    WikiTalks are filmed at WikiStage events that anybody can organise. 

Martin Kupp

How can you enable your team to be creative?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 3
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    Martin Kupp informs us about a simple, yet efficient, formula capable of fostering the creativity of a group of different individuals.

    "People have to be ready to share emotions and feelings about their work."



Martin Kupp

How to foster individual creativity?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 3
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    Joseph Beuys said: Every human being is an artist. Find out what he meant when he said these magic words.

    Children are more creative than adults. However, it seems we all have it within us. We just don't know it or we didn't find out yet. It might take a while until we actually realize that, but believe Martin KUPP, it's possible.Maybe it's hard for you to realize how or why, but the response might be easier than you imagine. It takes only a triple factor-based solution for multiple results.

    "Every human being is an artist."

    "Creativity is actually hard work."



Sylvain Bureau

Is art the future of business?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 5
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    "Subversive thinking is when you want not a little change in things but to destroy this current system, to challenge the status quo"

    "Subversion is quite important for artists as well as successful entrepreneurs. (...) Through art practices you can develop this subversive thinking."

    "You cannot create big things without starting by something small like a joke because it's a way to do something different and to create debates. And you cannot create something different if you are within your comfort zone."

    "By doing art, it's a very nice way to experience a lot of difficulties and a lot of uncomfortable aspects, to lose yourself, to find yourself."


Maëlle Chassard

How imagination, craziness and naivety can build tomorrow?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 5
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    "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Is that really true today? In the world where access to information is more than easy, knowledge can be reached by anyone. But what about imagination?"

    "Of course technology offers beautiful and wonderful things to see but we forget too often to use our other senses which make work our imagination"

    "Yes, it is very important for a child to invent its own world where he could be the hero."

    "Naivety detaches us from the technique and allows us to invent incredible, impossible, and improbable things."

    "Craziness, naivety and expertise is a combination which could make your idea real one day"

    "What I am telling you today is to be a pioneer. Do not be afraid to imagine impossible things thanks to imagination. That's the reflection I offer you today: do not stop thinking like a child"


Robert Piret

What is the future of new media entertainment?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 5
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    "We're really going to the point where if you can imagine it, you can make it - you can print it actually."

    "Entertainment has always been at the forefront of the free speech of the free expression. (...) I think that we're really coming to a crossroad here. There's a lot of confusion in this discussion."

    "The two doctrines around free speech that are important to bear in mind is on a one hand - 'could whatever we express could actually lead to some sort of bad tendency?' (...). The other doctrine which is more bottom up says 'does whatever you express lead to a clear and present danger'?"


Var Sahakyan

How to make problem solving in groups more creative and meaningful?
WikiStage MakeSense
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    "When we get together in groups to solve some problems or discuss some issues, we often forget to ask the basic questions: the what, the when, the why, the who, the how type of questions. And this is because nobody wants to appear as an amateur, expertise is more welcome. Your reputation is an important currency and nobody wants to gamble on it."

    "When you leave the amateur side of you outside of the room and you appear with your expertise, it's like throwing a party and take away all the drinks and you have that party with just red meat on the table. You can guess that that party is not going very far, something gets stuck somewhere. And that's where a lot of groups get stuck cause no juice, no party."

    "(...) group imagination and meaning, creativity are starting to bubble up and coming alive. And that I bet is something that you want. I bet that you want more people in your groups to show up in those meetings and problem-solving spaces with best creative-selves, motivated and with the best ideas. But that's not what always happens. Because money stays in the pocket unless you decide to process to get this money out."

Can garbage make music?
WikiStage World Bank Group - Lima
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    Can garbage make music? Recycled Orchestra of Cateura - WikiStage World Bank Group