L'entrepreunariat dans tous ses états -
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    ESSEC is a business school located in the Paris area and in Singapore. It was created in 1907 by Jesuits and is one of the foremost Grandes Ecoles in France. 

L'Emploi, du Rêve au Concret
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    The first edition of WikiStage FST Settat was organized in April 2014 with the theme of employment.

Robert Piret

What are the kernels of growth?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 3
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    Everyone is always talking about growth; but really what is important to understand is what are the kernels of growth?

    Growth is a multidirectionnal prospect that stems from an advantage; but how to define and characterize this advantage? Whether it is build around an asset or a service, the growth of a company must take into account various criteria regarding the market and its structure before implementing a good strategy.

    "If you don't think what growth pathway you're going to take, your company is going to go nowhere fast."

    "Strategy of zero and margins of nothing is zero."

    "Building a company is done brick by brick."

    "Being able to understand and to figure out how to use not only your assets but to combine that with growth dynamics is the key to building a good growth."



What is growth without inclusion?
WikiStage World Bank Group - Lima
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    What is growth without inclusion? Sri MULYANI INDRAWATI - WikiStage World Bank Group WBG


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