L'Audace d'Entreprendre
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    The first WikiStage event at Centrale Paris happened back in January 2014 with the theme "Dare to be an entrepreneur". 

Boostez Votre Avenir
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    The first WikiStage event in Lille was organized by students of Lille 1 University. It featured talks on education and employment.

  • Description

    This was the very first WikiStage conference and was organized by the founder of WikiStage, Johannes Bittel, under the theme Celebrate Curiosity.

Meziane Djaout

Comment réussir un dialogue créatif?
WikiStage Algiers
  • Description

    "Le dialogue est un travail sur soi, celui d'écouter l'autre."
    "Pour les Allemands les banalités sont considérées comme l'honorable substance de la conversation ~ Emil Cioran."

Ask for More
  • Description

    Our ultimate aim for the 5th edition is to encourage the young generation to do more and to build an ambitious community.

To be announced
  • Description

    Future Designer Club is organizing the 1st edition of WikiStage in Boumerdes. This is a team of young and motivated people ready to share ideas!

Start With Why
  • Description

    Wikistage Oum El Bouaghi is an event organized by its people to help building the community by raising their awareness of the most important topics.

Find your Passion
  • Description

    This will be a full-day event at the University of Jijel, with incredible speakers who will share their inspiring stories.

Quel est notre bonheur de tous les jours?
WikiStage Cheer Up
  • Description

    « Quel est notre petit bonheur de tous les jours qui illumine notre journée et qui nous fait du bien ? [...] Ce que je me suis dit c'est que mon petit bonheur à moi, c'est le sourire que quelqu'un m'offre. [...] C'est le début d'un échange, aussi bref soit-il. »

    « De cette maladie, des liens très forts se sont créés. J'ai rencontré des gens incroyables. »


Philippe Gabilliet

Optimism: How does it work?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 1 - Paris
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    The optimism is the key energy in life. And it is a big secret because if you act, if you do, if you live like an optimist your life is going to change.///Being an optimist can only help people be happier in life. But the real question is : how to let your optimism take the lead on you? Here are a few tips from Philippe Gabilliet, professor in organizational behavior, based on 3 keywords : Strengths, solutions and levers, in order to help you let your optimism out.

    "If you act, if you do, if you live like an optimist, your life is going to change."

    "The fact that you focus on good things is going to create the energy for you to fight the bad things."

    "If you function in your head like an optimist, an incredible miracle happens. You are just about to become the person with whom everything for the others becomes possible again."