What Do you Stand for?
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    WikiStage Algiers 2 was organized under the theme "What do you stand for?". Algiers remains one of the top WikiStage hubs worldwide.

You Are a Wonder
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    WikiStage Algiers dans sa première édition touchera une période phare dans la vie de tous: la jeunesse!

Make your Own Impact
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    WikiStage Batna the first step towards self-development in all the domains. We will educate people about art, IT, Business...etc.

Be the Best Version of Yourself
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    The main purpose is not to encourage perfectionism, but to improve everyone in becoming the person they want to become while loving the person they already are.


Comment se dépasser?
WikiStage Algiers
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    "La vie n'est pas évidente quand nous n'avons pas toutes les chances dès le départ pour réussir."
    "Pour certains, le handicap rime avec la fin d'une vie, ça a été pour moi au contraire, le début de ma vie."

Antonio Meza

"Towards" or "Away from" motivations?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 3
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    Antonio Meza presents a different theoretical approach of the classical concept of motivation, through examples, envisaging a motivation strategy that depends on the habits of each person.

    If we were to think in negative or positive terms, it would be difficult to assess the approach given to motivation, as described by Antonio MEZA. No matter what type of person you are, you can adapt both the "towards" and the "away from" motivation in order to achieve your goals the best way possible. Therefore, use the motivation, adapt it to your own habits and give your brain what it needs...and you can conquer the world!

    "If you give your brain what it needs, you get the results you want."

    "Do you do exercise because you want to be fit or because you don’t want to be out of shape? Do you earn money because you want to be wealthy or because you don’t want to be poor? Do you get up in the morning because you want to arrive early at work or because you don’t want to be late? These are very different motivations, but they can take you to the same place."