Be the Best Version of Yourself
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    The main purpose is not to encourage perfectionism, but to improve everyone in becoming the person they want to become while loving the person they already are.

What Do you Stand for?
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    WikiStage Algiers 2 was organized under the theme "What do you stand for?". Algiers remains one of the top WikiStage hubs worldwide.

Maƫlle Chassard

How imagination, craziness and naivety can build tomorrow?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 5
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    "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Is that really true today? In the world where access to information is more than easy, knowledge can be reached by anyone. But what about imagination?"

    "Of course technology offers beautiful and wonderful things to see but we forget too often to use our other senses which make work our imagination"

    "Yes, it is very important for a child to invent its own world where he could be the hero."

    "Naivety detaches us from the technique and allows us to invent incredible, impossible, and improbable things."

    "Craziness, naivety and expertise is a combination which could make your idea real one day"

    "What I am telling you today is to be a pioneer. Do not be afraid to imagine impossible things thanks to imagination. That's the reflection I offer you today: do not stop thinking like a child"


Traduire le sens de sa vie en parcours professionnel?
WikiStage YESS 2
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    "Il y a un autre levier qui me paraissait important lorsque l'on veut donner du sens à ce qu'on sait faire, quand on est un professionnel on sait faire des choses, et on peut les faire dans le cadre de son business mais on peut aussi les faire des le cadre d'une société dans laquelle on vit, dans laquelle on partage des relations, des échanges..."

    "L'essentiel c'était de dire comment est-ce qu'avec le savoir-faire que j'ai dans ma vie professionnelle, je peux le traduire sur un territoire, sur un bassin de vie, avec des gens pour mettre du sens?"

    "[Il faut mettre] le sens avant le business. [...] Comment peut-on faire ensemble, alors que l'on est de mondes différents ? On va mettre autour de la table, des politiques, des partenaires économiques, des partenaires associatifs, et un certain nombre de porteurs de projets, c'est à dire, la population. Et donc, ces nouveaux partenariats qui donnent du sens à ce que l'on fait au quotidien me semblent fondamentaux dans l'avenir et dans ce que l'on est en train de faire"


Sofiane Meghlaoui

Are you serendipitous? Sofiane MEGHLAOUI - WikiStage Algiers
WikiStage Algiers
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    "Serendipity c'est un des mot les plus difficiles dans la langue anglaise"

    "Ma traduction de serendipity c'est un hasard heureux qui amène des opportunités imprévues."

Afroz Algiers

How does trust develop on a construction project team?
WikiStage Stanford
  • Description

    Afroz Algiers draws attention upon the importance of coordination and trust among the members of a team in order to create the harmonization within the final product. The common belief is that buildings, whether we are inside one or around one, are only inanimate elements that surround us, without a major impact upon our daily lives.

Am I a wonder?
WikiStage Algiers
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    “Knowing one's self mind and its secrets will lead to discovering one's self, connecting with the brain will lead to success, singularity, and then uniqueness.”

    “The brain is divided into two hemispheres: the right hemisphere in charge of emotion and conscience, it's the part with which the woman sees herself, the left hemisphere is the home of logic, planning, and calculations and with which the man perceives himself.”

Alberto Castelvecchi

Wanna be a wonder, really?
WikiStage Algiers
  • Description

    "Soyez authentique: Ça veut dire qu'il faut déconstruire les mythes de l'ère de la communication"

    "Soyez forts et travaillez dur."




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