Claude Grunitzky

Why fight for hybrid identities ?
WikiStage SUEZ 3
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    "The way that we were living in the 80's, in France, was really interesting because we were completely drown into Hip-Hop culture".

    "As a teenager, I really got into Hip-Hop, and the reason I got into Hip-Hop is because I was trying to find a way to reconcile my hybrid identities".

    "Reconciling the African identity, with the American sensibilities and the European upbringing is what led me to a new way of approaching transculturalism".

    "Looking into the future I really want to find a way to express a more powerful identity for youth culture".

Alain Imbaud

Musique libre?
WikiStage OuiShare La Paillasse Saône
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    "Chacun a plus ou moins sa recette de gâteau qu'on peut aussi la partager ensemble. Mais si je vous partage ma recette de gâteau peut être que vous trouverez à votre goût d'y rajouter, des framboises, des fraises, du n'importe nawak, que moi je n'aurais peut être pas aimé manger dans mon gâteau."

    "Le bien commun permet aussi de se réapproprier les choses, pour les faire ou les adapter à son goût"


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How to include the poor part of the Peruvian society?
WikiStage World Bank Group - Lima
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    How to include the poor part of Peruvian society? Paola BUSTAMANTE SUÀREZ - WBG LIMA


What is growth without inclusion?
WikiStage World Bank Group - Lima
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    What is growth without inclusion? Sri MULYANI INDRAWATI - WikiStage World Bank Group WBG

How should societies deal with disabilities?
WikiStage World Bank Group - Lima
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    How should societies deal with disabilities? - a talk given at WikiStage WBG Lima in 2015.

Vania Masías

How can art contribute to social inclusion?
WikiStage World Bank Group - Lima
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    A talk given at WikiStage WBG Lima in 2015.


What does it mean to be Afro-Peruvian?
WikiStage World Bank Group - Lima
  • Description

    What does it mean to be Afro-Peruvian - a talk given at WikiStage WBG Lima in 2015.

Joachim Bitterlich

What is corporate political responsibility?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 7
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    Mr Joachim Bitterlich held several diplomatic positions in various European countries between 1974 and 2002. He has been director of International Affairs at Véolia Environnement since 2003.

Maxime Verner

Comment créer une campagne politique entièrement ouverte?
WikiStage MakeSense
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    "Nous avons envie de modifier profondément à la fois la conception comme les citoyens a fortiori les plus jeunes de l'engagement politique et de l'auto-institution ça veut dire comment se situer nous mêmes face aux institutions que nous représentons."

    "Aujourd'hui la vie politique est encore constituée comme si la société était une pyramide (...) qui recrée justement cette dimension, ces inégalités notamment dans la prise de décision, dans la prise de choix politique aussi bien nationalement que très localement."

    "L'objectif c'est à la fois de profiter d'outils technologiques qui existe mais qui ne sont pas directement appliqués à la vie politique pour aller toucher surtout des citoyens qui aujourd'hui se sentent soit pas crédibles, soit juste pas légitimes voir pas entendables pour la vie politique telle qu'elle est aujourd'hui. "


Chloé Chambraud

How can social entrepreneurship empower women?
WikiStage Empow'Her
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    "One of the core principles of Empow’Her is to work really closely with local organization to transfer skills and to help them carry out their project."

    "You may wonder what is a social enterprise, the model stands somewhere between the NGO model and traditional business model. (...) So we created San Jai, that is, San Jai in Thai means „weaving hurts“. Basically women who are in these shelters are being trained and then they produce handicrafts and then these handicrafts are being sold to customers."

    „But it’s not only about handicraft“, it is about regaining self-confidence through the creative process to earn decent wage and work in a safe environment.“

    “Instead of seeing challenges we saw a lot of incredible opportunities”

    "(…)the women. Instead of seeing them as victims of violence, we saw them as incredibly talented professionals.”

    What you give is what you get was our motto with Luisa during these six months, but actually we received way more than what we gave"

    "We created two collections of products, and these are made from up-cycled material. This is from rice bags, and we believe that even though our main goal is a social goal we also have an environmental duty and we should be as ecofriendly as possible. Our biggest challenge but also achievement was definitely to train those women, and we’ve trained fifteen women, and we called the director of the center last week and she told us that many more women are coming to the training that are now very successful."



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